Hex Naw is a color contrast tool built for designers and developers. It's the one we wanted but couldn't quite find.

We tend to deal with colors on a systematic level. Whether it's defining a brand's core color palette, or evaluating a product's Sass variables, we're usually working with accessibility and color contrast on a large scale. After spending hours using the myriad of available tools to input comparisons one by one, we decided to make a tool that could handle small systems as elegantly as single combinations. Hex Naw is the beginning of that tool.

Using the massive power of Colorable to crunch all the numbers, designers and developers can now see how accessible their entire color systems are, and make critical decisions from this data. Decisions that will help make the web and the products we use a better place for everyone involved.

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Problems, feedback, requests? We'd love to hear about your experience with Hex Naw and how we can make it even more useful.

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The font? Gotham.
The stack? Next.js.
The host? Now.

Thanks to Brent Jackson for Colorable, which make up the guts of this application.

Release Notes


First feature add!

  • A helpful URL share field appears after a test is complete so you can share it!

It's been a while...

  • Completely rebuilt using Next.js
  • Testing via URL is now available! Give it a try!

Pasting can be a harsh mistress.

  • Paste a hex value into a field and now it just removes the hash instead of the last character. (Thanks, Zac)!

Sure, you can clear all the fields at once, but that felt a bit overkill. Now you can clear individual fields for fun and profit!

  • You can now delete individual fields if there are more than two.

What's an initial release without an immediate bug fix?

  • Pasting a hex value containing a hash no longer cuts off the last character. (Thanks, John Weis)!
  • OG image points to the correct domain

Hello! This is our initial release. We wanted to make sure that the basic functionality was fast, responsive and helpful. More features will be added as soon as we can get them out the door. For now, we hope you enjoy Hex Naw 1.0!